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25/07/22 - Weekly newsletter for Run Move Connect members!

Good afternoon members. We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for another big week of training. Please see the details below in regards to ordering your R.M.C shirts and other merchandise available. This weeks program is pictured below, our new arvo run/walk sessions have now been added to our website booking system.

Our newly discovered "spaces" app (details on it below) makes it soooo much easier to book into sessions so please remember to book in for all of your running and strength sessions as soon as you know you are available for it.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the week, time to get moving!


5km time trials once a month for Social Saturday Run Group!

Run Move Connect will now host timed 5km run/walks once a month for those who would like to keep track of their efforts and progress. This is a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and put all of our strength and running/walking training to work! This will be done on our "Ranelagh loop" as it is the safest route and only has 2 road crossings.

Since September last year we have met every Saturday at Reba Sear cafe for a social 5km run/walk. That's how Run Move Connected started! These run/walks will continue not just Run Move Connect members but for the general public as well.

As great as it is to socially trot around the streets of Huonville and Ranelagh, we understand there are a large amount of people who would like to push them selves every now and then to see what they are capable of over the 5km distance. We want those who are still keen on a casual social run/walk to join us as well and not feel pressured to have to go hard if you don't want to. All are welcome.

Our first 5km timed run/walk will be this Saturday 30/07/22. All timed results will be recorded on the day. Safety measures will be discussed in the pre-run/walk brief.


This weeks running session details

Run session Tuesday 26/07/22

"Mona Fartlek"

2 x 90s

4 x 60s

4 x 30s

4 x 15s

All efforts are equalled with same durations as recovery (90s on / 90s off etc) A solid 20 minute workout and great for all abilities!

Run session Thursday 28/07/22

"Progressive tempo efforts"

1 x 6 min

2 min rest

2 x 3 min (90s rest between)

4 x 90s (60s between)

26 mins in total.

**Please aim to arrive ready to go by 4:30pm. All sessions will be described with a quick brief before we start. Brad will explain how the session should be executed for all abilities.**


This weeks strength session notes

  • Sweat towels are an absolute must. Please remember to bring a towel along with you and carried around the room with your during your strength class.

  • All exercises will be explained in detail with demonstrations provided.

  • Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to sessions starting. This will allow to time to chat with Hannah if required and to ensure we start all sessions on time.


Apparel update

Pre orders CLOSE this Friday (29/07/22). Please be sure to get your pre order done before Friday morning as we will be submitting our first pre order for shirts to be delivered and printed.

Shirts will be available to try on for size this week at the R.M.C studio (PCYC). Please remember to get your pre order in ASAP so we can stock up!

You can submit your shirt order through the spaces app or follow this link


New app to easily access our membership portal

We have recently discovered an app that links with our website to make everything a whole lot easier for our members! Download the "spaces" app by wix now to book sessions, check what's coming up, read the latest news letters and shop our online store!



All of our Run Move Connect members receive a 12.5% DISCOUNT on all shoes from The Running Edge. The Running Edge provide a free gait analysis and expert shoe advice to make sure your walking (or running) away with the right pair of shoes for you! Just mention on purchase that you are part of Run Move Connect (show them your R.M.C. key ring) and they will be sure to look after you.

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