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21/11/2022 - Weekly newsletter for Run Move Connect members!

Hello Members New and Old,

Thank you all for a wet but wonderful week this week. We had some great fun in all our sessions and we were able to mix things up in both our running/walking and strength sessions to challenge ourselves differently.

Few little updates below for you below for the upcoming months, please see below.



Due the popularity of our 6am session, we are adding a 7am session to Monday and Wednesday. To book, use our spaces app. If you have any issues using the spaces app, please don't hesitate to contact Brad or Hannah, via email-

To access our booking portal on spaces, use this link

Just a Reminder- Christmas Timetable Run Move Connect will be having a short break over the Christmas period from December 26th to January 1st. We will be providing you with home workouts to complete through this period.

Classes availability from January 2nd to January 8th will be slightly reduced depending on demand of class sizes. We will update you on this closer to the time.

We understand that our families love to get away with their families and our instructors need a little break after an amazing 6 months of RMC.



Very special congratulations to the newly weds of Run Move Connect, Georgia and Sam McAlpine-Peyr. We hope you have had a beautiful weekend filled with love, laughter and gorgeous memories. We love LOVE here at RMC!!!




RMC is locked and loaded for a big end of year Christmas celebration!

When: Friday 16th of December 5:30pm

Where: Huonville lawn bowls club

What: Social lawn bowls, light dinner provided

Cost: $10pp

RMC have booked out the bowling green for the night! We would love for as many of you to join us as possible so we can celebrate the year it's been. More details to come, please RSVP via members portal booking system or message Brad for more info.

Members family, partners and friends are always welcome. The event has been added to the members portal booking service. Please book in ASAP and with any extra numbers you would like to bring along to help catering purposes :)


Run Move Connect Instructor

We are still looking for an empowering, uplifting and motivating instructor to join our amazing team. If you know of anyone in the fitness industry that this may interest, let us know.

For more information, click

They can email us directly at


Supporting Local Business

We understand the importance of supporting local business and we, through RMC, have had the privilege to meet some amazing business men and women.

If you, your family or a close friend own a business in the Huon Valley, we would love to support you and advertise your business in our new segment for our weekly newsletter.

Please send us a short bio, your logo and we will be proud to advertise your work. Send all information to our email-


Running/Walking session details

See below for your session plans this week:

Tuesday 22nd of November

"3 sets of tempo/short reps"

Set 1

1 x 5 min

2 min recovery

2 x 30s on / off

60s recovery

Set 2

1 x 4 min

2 min recovery

3 x 20s on / 40s off

60s recovery

Set 3

1 x 3 min

2 min recovery

4 x 15s on / 45s off

27:35 total-15 min running-12:35 recovery

Thursday 24th of November

"30 second reps with diminishing recoveries"

3 sets of

30s on - 60s off

30s on - 50s off

30s on - 40s off

30s on - 30s off

30s on - 20s off

30s on - 10s off

2 min rest (9:30 per set with rest)

26:30 in total - 9 min running - 17:30 recovery

Please don't hesitate to contact Brad if you have questions about these sessions.

Tuesday/Thursday mornings/afternoons (6:15am, 9:00am & 5:30pm): Huonville Recreational Oval.


Running/Walking news and events


Good luck to our running/walking community members tackling one of the hardest half marathons known this weekend.

A very very special shout out to our running machine, Karen Weger for this weekend. Karen has completed three gruelling events on the last three weekends and we couldn't be prouder of her- Dover Fun Run 10km (5k and 10k PB), Triple Top Mountain Run (Distance=18.9km, Ascent=1235m, Descent=1655m) and now tackling the World's Toughest Half Marathon, The Point to Pinnacle.

We are so proud of your dedication to your training, inspiring drive to be the best version of yourself and thank you for being the uplifting person you are. You are inclusive, supportive to others and someone we are so lucky to have in our RMC community. Go get 'em!!!!


Strength Session Details

  • Strength focus this week will be ECCENTRIC. ECCENTRIC loading will be focussing on very slow movement patterns to build bigger and stronger muscles. Be sure to slowly progress your weight up as we had a great week of recovery.

  • Tip from Hannah- use moderate-heavy resistance weight, complete 8 repetitions maximum and be very slow and controlled. Always discuss with the trainer where you should feel the exercise.

  • We are here to support you with your exercise so please do not hesitate yelling out for technique help.

  • Always chat to Hannah if you want to learn more about resistance exercise and its benefits.

  • All sessions are designed and developed by Hannah, if you have any feedback, please pass it on.

  • If you have any new or old injuries that you are carrying, please don't hesitate to let Hannah or Brad know so we can tailor the program to you. It is so important for you to feel supported and cared for at your Run Move Connect sessions.

  • Please take SWEAT TOWELS and drink bottles with you throughout the session. We have new RMC sweat towels, don't hesitate to purchase one if you struggling to find one.


Social Saturday recap

Thanks to all that came along for our 5km Time Trial this Saturday. Always lovely to see so many families and new faces join our community.

Please see attached for our time trial result.

5km-Time-Trial (1)
Download XLSX • 36KB


Youth Engagement Program

We are so proud of our Youth Engagement RMC members. As some of you are coming to the end of your 6-week program, we are happy to announce our brand new "youth membership" option. Priced at $15 a week, we hope to see our youth engagement graduates continue to run and get strong within our community.

Brad and Hannah are very passionate about getting the whole community moving and this includes our Huon Valley youth. This program is tailored for 10-18 year olds within our community who are interested in getting active. This program is ongoing currently and would like to continue this for the youth in our community.

If you know of any families with children or adolescent that this program may interest, please don't hesitate to contact Hannah or Brad via email on



Don't forget to check out apparel options, we are fully in stock with black and white hats and sweat towels plus our t-shirts have a very short turn around. Please get your order in online at our shop here.


New app to easily access our membership portal

Download the "spaces" app by wix now to book sessions, check what's coming up, read the latest news letters and shop our online store!

If you're having trouble finding the RMC portal on the app, follow this link and it should take you there -



All of our Run Move Connect members receive a 12.5% DISCOUNT on all shoes from The Running Edge. The Running Edge provide a free gait analysis and expert shoe advice to make sure your walking (or running) away with the right pair of shoes for you! Just mention on purchase that you are part of Run Move Connect (show them your R.M.C. key ring) and they will be sure to look after you.

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