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Through Parenthood

Guided exercise for families who are expecting a baby or on their parenthood journey.

We provide educational support to families on pregnancy, child health and parental care. Educational support will be provided by local health practitioners in our community.


Exercise is an important part of your parenthood journey.


Benefits of regular structured exercise:

  • Improves and manages an individual's mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, improves sleeps, relieves stress and elevates energy levels. 

  • Maintains of strength, mobility and flexibility

  • Manages pain symptoms that are associated with your pregnancy 

  • Encourages safe lifting patterns that are important as you prepare for your parenthood journey.

  • Reduces chronic health risk factors by meeting your minimum exercise requirements


We understand that it is challenging to find an exercise group that encourages families to exercise with their little ones and we know that it is very daunting to begin your exercise journey after welcoming your child into the world. We want to break down those barriers and provide a safe and uplifting space to move. This program is a fantastic option for those wanting to exercise whilst managing pregnancy symptoms that require extra support, those who want to develop a family connection or it is a great stepping stone back to your regular exercise routine postpartum.

Movement Through Parenthood encourages everyone on their parenthood journey to attend including fathers, mothers, grandparents and even friends, who are a support network for their expecting friend. We live in a very diverse and beautiful community and it is important to acknowledge the inclusivity of this program.


What does Movement Through Parenthood involve?

Movement Through Parenthood includes a free initial Exercise Physiology consultation with our Exercise Physiologist, Hannah Squires. Participants will be involved in 2 individual resistance based exercise classes per week; supervised by Exercise Physiologist, Hannah and Pilates Instructor and Midwife, Paige Lynch.


Program Recommendations:

It is recommended that participants, if pregnant, are referred by a health professional with the following information provided:


  • Pregnancy Gestation

  • Health history

  • Pregnancy Risk

  • Precautions and contraindications


The Consultation:

  • Health history evaluation, parenthood questionnaire 

  • Assessment: Strength, function, vital signs 

  • Goal setting development 

  • Individual exercise planning 

  • Reassessment and Review 


The Exercise Session:

  • Individual exercise prescription based on Exercise Physiology assessment results, patient goals and patient physical capabilities

  • The prescribed exercise program will be progressed and regressed based on individual response to exercise and goals around their parenthood journey.

  • During the exercise session, patients will be provided with education resources from professionals within the field.

  • The exercise sessions will have a strength training and pilates focus. See below for descriptions for these training modailites.


Strength training

Building functional strength to assist with everyday living. Develop safe and effective lifting patterns for pre and post birth. Encourage consistent strength  development to maintain muscle mass and activation, joint stability and reduce pain or injury. 


Pilates Training

Pilates is effective in strengthening muscles to support healthy joints, improve body awareness and balance, and support posture as the body changes during pregnancy and throughout parenthood. Other benefits include breath control, stress reduction, confidence building and increases the feelings of empowerment during preparation for birth, parenthood and beyond. 



The Finer Details:

  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday

  • Time: 11am-12pm

  • Cost: $30 per session

  • Cancellation of program: No lock in contract. Members can cancel at any point during their parenthood journey.

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