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19/09/22 - Weekly newsletter for Run Move Connect members!

Hello Members New and Old,

We hope that you have had a beautiful weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.

We have a few little things to mention for the weeks ahead. This is very exciting news and we hope you are just as excited as us.

Public Holiday Session:

As you are all aware, we have a National Public Holiday on Thursday 22nd of September to mourn the passing of the Queen. There will be NO morning Run/Walk Session nor morning Strength Session HOWEVER we will have a Hill Run/Walk Session starting from Reba Sear Cafe at 4:30pm. Afterwards, we are going to have a social beverage at Reba Sear for those who would like to join from 5:15pm.


Our membership prices will be set to increase from Monday 19th September. If you would like to change your membership subscriptions, please alter this by Sunday night. Please contact Hannah or Brad, if you have questions regarding your membership.


If you wanted to purchase any RMC apparel, please order online via our website and we will get them to you quick smart. We are very lucky to have Huon Promotions on board and they are delivery the goods promptly. It is lovely to see beautiful gear around the community.


We are changing our class timetable to align with daylight savings. We will provide you with further information in next weeks email and the reasoning behind these exciting changes.

**New Timetable image will be shared on socials soon**


Social Saturday recap

What a squad! Great work to the team on another solid turnout for our Social Saturday 5k run/walk group.


Running/Walking session details

Tuesday- 20th of September

"3min and 30sec reps"

5 x 3 min reps with 90sec rest between

5 x 30sec with 30sec rest between

(27:30 in total)

Thursday- 22nd September *PUBLIC HOLIDAY*


"Knights road hill run"

Starting at the café, we will warm up and head to knights road for a hilly run/walk and for those who can hang around enjoy a knock off drink at Reba Sear.

Please don't hesitate to contact Brad if you have questions about these sessions.

Tuesday morning (6:30am): Huonville Recreational Oval

Tuesday afternoon (4:30pm): Ranelagh Showgrounds

Thursday afternoon (4:30pm) Reba Sear cafe

Running/Walking news and events

A bunch of our RMC runners and walkers will have an exciting few months ahead with a large number of events available to participate in. Below is some of the events on the Tassie running calendar, that coach Brad, thinks would be great for our members to work towards.

Running can be challenging, but creating short term goals and entering these type of events is a really good way to stay motivated and engaged with our training. If you are interested in participating in any of the events below, please let Brad or Hannah know as we will create RMC teams for the registration process.

Hobart Marathon Festival Sun 25th September

Events available- 2km, 5km, 10km, half mara, full mara

Dover Fun Run Tassal Ten Sun 6th November

Events available- 2km kids, 5km, 10km

Point to Pinnacle Sun 20th November

Events available- 10km, half mara

Bruny Island Ultra marathon Sat 3rd December

Events available- 64km done as a team relay of up to 10 runners. (for more info on this one chat to Brad).

Cadbury Marathon Sun 8th Jan

Events available- 1km kids, 5km, 10km, half mara, full mara


This weeks strength session notes

  • All sessions are designed and developed by Hannah, if you have any feedback, please pass it on.

  • If you have any new or old injuries that you are carrier, please don't hesitate to let Hannah or Brad know so we can tailor the program to you. It is so important for you to feel supported and cared for at your Run Move Connect sessions.

  • Please take SWEAT TOWELS and drink bottles with you throughout the session.

  • We have new RMC sweat towels, don't hesitate to purchase one if you struggling to find one.


Membership pricing adjustment

As most of you are aware, Run Move Connect is growing in numbers faster than we could of ever imagined. Something that we (Hannah and Brad) are so proud of. What this means for Run Move Connect is an expansion not only with in our members, but coaches and timetable as well.

Run Move Connect will continue to seek for 1-2 more new coaches to join our team and make sure we keep up with the demand of the number of members which continues to grow! For our business to be viable and sustainable, RMC will be increasing our pricing of any new memberships who join from the 19th of September 2022 onwards.

RMC wouldn't be where it is today without all of your support through our early days of business and we are forever grateful. As a thank you and a show of appreciation, we will be permanently freezing all current membership pricing plans as they are.

Just a tip, please ensure your nominated account has the correct amount of funds when direct debit occurs for your membership. If you do not have the required funds your subscription automatically cancels. This is a wix website setting that unfortunately can not be changed.

If you have any questions about any of the above please feel free to contact Hannah or Brad directly.


New app to easily access our membership portal

Download the "spaces" app by wix now to book sessions, check what's coming up, read the latest news letters and shop our online store!



All of our Run Move Connect members receive a 12.5% DISCOUNT on all shoes from The Running Edge. The Running Edge provide a free gait analysis and expert shoe advice to make sure your walking (or running) away with the right pair of shoes for you! Just mention on purchase that you are part of Run Move Connect (show them your R.M.C. key ring) and they will be sure to look after you.

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