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24/10/2022 - Weekly newsletter for Run Move Connect members!

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Hello Members New and Old,

We hope everyone enjoyed their wet weather weekend and kept nice and dry.

What a busy and exciting couple of weeks we have ahead.

What a beautiful photo!!


Timetable update:

We have been waiting for kiddies to be back at school and families to settle in to their routines before we make any changes to our schedule.

We have listened to your feedback and we are going to add a Friday morning 7am session. This will account for the reduce class times on a Friday and a way to kick start your weekend and feel fresh.

Please remember to book in via the spaces app for this session so we can easily notify you all of any changes that may happen.

New 7:00AM Friday session!



We are ordering some lovely black hoodies with our logo on them from Huon Promotions. Hannah will have samples available for you to try on in the studio and you can place a pre-order on our website under the 'SHOP' tab or click here.

The hoodies will be $75

Don't forget to check out apparel options, we are fully in stock with black and white hats and sweat towels plus our t-shirts have a very short turn around.


Youth Engagement Program

We have been so proud of our Youth Engagement RMC members. As some of you are coming to the end of your 6-week program, we are happy to offer a family membership pack. Please contact Hannah and Brad if this is something your family would be interested in and would like more information on. It is so lovely to see families exercise together and why not continue this healthy lifestyle in to the future.

If you know of any families with children or adolescent that this program may interest, please don't hesitate to contact Hannah or Brad via email on

Brad and Hannah are very passionate about getting the whole community moving and this includes our Huon Valley youth. This program is tailored for 10-18 year olds within our community who are interested in getting active. This program is ongoing currently and would like to continue this for the youth in our community.


Social Saturday recap

Rain, hail or shine!!

Nothing deters ours members from getting out on a Saturday morning walk/run or maybe it is the delicious coffee from Reba Sear.

We had a great turn out on Saturday morning and the stillness of the Huon River was a beautiful backdrop as we ventured down Coolstore Road.

Check out this masterpiece from 'Roaming Kitto'


Running/Walking session details

Hazel demonstrating the warm up!

See below for your session plans this week:

Tuesday- 25th of October

"Progressive intervals 3 sets"

Set 1

4 min on, 2 min on, 1 min on

(90s recovery between all)

Set 2

3 min on, 90s on, 45s on

(75s recovery between all)

Set 3

2 min on, 60s on, 30s on

(60s recovery between all)

26 min in total - 15:45 of running (on) - 10:15 recovery (walk or slow jog)

Alisha doesn’t slow down with the pram!

Thursday 27th of October

"Steady/hard fartlek"

5 sets of of following -

2 min steady (on)

60s recovery (off)

30s harder (on)

60s recovery (off)

22:30 in total - 12:30 running (on) - 10:00 of recovery (walk or slow jog)

Please don't hesitate to contact Brad if you have questions about these sessions.

Tuesday/Thursday mornings (6:15am & 9:00am): Huonville Recreational Oval

Tuesday/Thursday afternoons (5:30pm): Ranelagh Showgrounds

Tom at our public holiday run session!

Running/Walking news and events

DOVER FUN RUN only 2 weeks away!

We would love to see as many RMC runners and walkers at this event to support such a worthy cause. Registration and event information can be found here.


Registration and event information can be found here. Remember to register under the team "Run Move Connect".


Strength Session Details

  • Strength focus this week will be ECCENTRIC LOADING, slow slow slow load. The exercises are very basic with the idea to lift heavy with very slow and controlled movement patterns. It is all about lengthening out the muscle group and feeling that comfortable stretch under load.

  • Always chat to Hannah if you want to learn more about resistance exercise and its benefits.

  • All sessions are designed and developed by Hannah, if you have any feedback, please pass it on.

  • If you have any new or old injuries that you are carrying, please don't hesitate to let Hannah or Brad know so we can tailor the program to you. It is so important for you to feel supported and cared for at your Run Move Connect sessions.

  • Please take SWEAT TOWELS and drink bottles with you throughout the session. We have new RMC sweat towels, don't hesitate to purchase one if you struggling to find one.


New app to easily access our membership portal

Download the "spaces" app by wix now to book sessions, check what's coming up, read the latest news letters and shop our online store!

If you're having trouble finding the RMC portal on the app, follow this link and it should take you there -



All of our Run Move Connect members receive a 12.5% DISCOUNT on all shoes from The Running Edge. The Running Edge provide a free gait analysis and expert shoe advice to make sure your walking (or running) away with the right pair of shoes for you! Just mention on purchase that you are part of Run Move Connect (show them your R.M.C. key ring) and they will be sure to look after you.

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