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🐣 Easter Break 🐣

Good Afternoon RMCers,

As you are aware, we are taking a short little break over Easter. This is a perfect time to refresh, unwind and enjoy some special time with family and friends.

We have home exercises available here if you would like to continue to move between eating chocolate 🍫 and hot cross buns 🐇

There are the following sessions to try:

Strength Session

Pilates Session

Low-Impact Cardio

Complete the following for all:

🐰3 sets

🐰 40 second effort

🐰10 seconds rest between sets

Easter Tuesday Session

🐇4pm- Low Impact Cardio

🐇4:30pm - Pilates

🐇 5:00pm - Running/Walking Session

Where: Huonville Athletics Track

Bring: Drink bottle, sweat towel, mat

The sessions are all on your spaces app ready to book.

You can come to all three, two or one, take your pick.

We can't wait to see you there and we hope you have a magical little break 🪺🐣

🤍 Happy Easter beautiful people

Team RMC

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