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20/05/24 Weekly Newsletter For Run Move Connect Members!

Good Afternoon RMC'ers,

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate our 2nd birthday party. It was a night filled with great conversations, epic dance moves (the worm did come out) and special connections.

We are extremely fortunate to share this journey with you and we thank you for your unwavering support.

We are very excited to announce that Huon Valley Community Bank have accepted our grant application for the following:

  • Youth Engagement mentorship participation funding for 6 months for young (12-18Year old) people within the Huon Valley

  • Movement Through Parenthood Participation funding for 12 weeks, once per week

We are very passionate about supporting our incredible community and giving them a supportive, inclusive and caring environment to exercise in. It isn't always about the movement, rather the deep connections and sense of belonging that our members experience. We are so pleased to provide this fantastic opportunity for those individuals and to meet the amazing people that you all are.

Thank you to Pam and Nic for your ongoing encouragement, being a listening ear and supporting us to achieve this. You are incredible women and we appreciate you and your continued guidance.


Access to PCYC After Hours-

Our code for the PCYC front door will be sent out directly to all members who are booked in for each session. Please have your phone handy when attending sessions so you can access the building.

Any issues with accessing in the morning call the following instructors:


Session time

Annie - 0409016420

Mon PM, Wed AM

Hannah - 0439 203 229

Mon AM

Jas- 0438 053 476

Wed PM, Friday PM

Paige- 0400 254 727‬

Tues/Thurs PM



Please book via our booking portal.


Social Saturday

Thank you to all who braved the cool Saturday morning this week. It was lovely see everyone come together, warm up with a coffee and spend the start of their weekend chatting.

Thinking about attending Social Saturday?

Our Social Saturday morning are for walkers, runners, furry friends and whoever wants to kick start their weekend with movement, coffee and great company.

We begin our loop from Reba Sear at 8am every Saturday. Choose a 5km loop or simply have a nice trot around Huonville. Return back to Reba Sear for a hot drink, something to eat or head off to start your weekend.


Running Events News

Launceston Running Festival Details

The Launceston Running Festival is not far away! Launceston offers one of Australia's flattest, fastest and more often than not, perfect weather conditions for a great running event. RMC have a number of runners already booked in for what will be a great weekend for the team. Join us in the kids 1.6km, 5km, 10km or the Half Marathon.

An RMC team has been created for when registering, you can also use the code "RMC20" to receive 20% off your registration fee. Click the link HERE to sign up with team RMC.






City to Casino


Start at either My State Bank arena, Cornelian Bay or Salamanca Place. All races finish at Wrest Point Casino

12km, 7km or kids 2.7km

Launceston Running Festival

1st-2nd of June


1.6km,5km (Saturday) 10km, 21.1km (Sunday)

If you have any questions about any of the events and would like to find out more please get in contact with Brad.


Running Session Details

As we head into winter RMC will start to see some of our runners heading towards some longer events on the Tasmanian Running calendar + interstate events. In weeks leading into specific events, RMC running sessions will now have 2 options for sessions available pending on what each individual is specifically working towards. Below gives you a rough idea of how this will look in still maintaining training together as one squad. More details will be shared in session briefs from Coach Norris and Coach Kitto.

Tuesday 21/05 (Progressive intervals)

3 x 3 min efforts / 90s recovery between

3 x 90s efforts / 75s recovery between

3 x 45s efforts / 60s recovery between

15:45 run + 10:15 recovery = 26:00 total

Thursday 23/05

10km / half mara runners

Half mara / 10km runners

2 x 8 min effort / 2 min recovery between

3 x 2 min effort / 60s recovery between

22 min run + 6 min recovery = 28 min total

Remainder of group (steady / harder efforts)

2 sets of the following -

4 min effort / 2 min recovery / 2 min effort / 2 min recovery

Then into 3 sets of

45s on / 45s off / 30s on / 60s off

15:45 run + 12:15 recovery = 28 min total

Saturday - Social Saturday 5km run or walk @Reba Sear

Sunday - Long run (location and time TBC)

Tuesday/Thursday mornings and afternoons (6:00am, 9:00am, 5:30pm): Huonville Recreational Oval.


Pilates Session Details



Pilates practice encompasses principles including, centering, control, precision, concentration, breath, and flow, all of which encourage a connection and awareness between your mind and body. As awareness and control of your body improves, you should find that your posture benefits too. After your sessions this week expect to feel and stand a little taller and perhaps experience relief from postural pains and strains.

Do you have specific health or movement goals that require additional focus outside the group fitness setting?

Paige is now offering tailored individual and small group (2-4 people) pilates sessions. For more information or to make a booking please email


10am FORM

5:30pm FORM

6:30pm FORM

7:30pm FORM


6am FLOW


10am PULSE

5:30pm PULSE

6:30pm PULSE

7:30pm PULSE


6am  FLOW

Pilates PULSE

Low to moderate intensity intervals based on time goals. Pilates exercises include the use of body weight and small equipment (bands, ball and weights). Available to all abilities and bodies. Class focus is to build endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Great for those wanting a sweaty cardio session.

Pilates FORM

Slower paced functional class. Exercise layers are reduced to focus on precision, form and breath. A great foundational class to receive increased support and hands on correction. Excises always commence at most regressed level with the intention to realign posture and support every day activity.

A great class for clients new to Pilates, those with existing health challenges or returning to exercise, pregnancy as well as those wanting to strengthen foundational movements.

Pilates FLOW

This class includes a mix of modern and traditional Pilates exercises with progressions offered to those seeking further challenge.

Session includes release/stretch work throughout as well as periods of increased effort to create a balanced total body session.


RMC Studio Details- Strength

Strength Focus- Strength Focus

  • Great opportunity to test your strength, work on your technique with simple patterned exercises and build your confidence around strength.

  • Chat to our trainers if there are particular exercises you want to work on and develop an understanding movement execution.

  • There will 4 sets per exercise which encourages slow and controlled movement patterns, targetting 8 repetitions per set.


  • Please take SWEAT TOWELS and drink bottles with you throughout the session.

  • Please advise the instructor if you have any new or old injuries that they should be aware of or will impact your training. We will support you with your exercise and provide alternative exercises.

  • Please be prompt to classes as we aim to start demonstration on time.


Individual/Small Group Services with RMC


Personal Training with Annie

Personal training sessions are a fantastic opportunity for those who have specific fitness and health goals, are more comfortable in a one on one setting or would like benchmark physical testing with goal development.

For more info including session details, pricing and much more please CLICK HERE

If you would like to book in for a Personal Training session with Annie please CLICK HERE


Exercise Physiology with Hannah

Exercise Physiologist specialise in the delivery of exercise of people with chronic health conditions, undergoing rehabilitation, pregnancy and sub-elite and elite athletes. Exercise Physiologist base their practice around prevention and management of chronic health conditions and developing rehabilitation program to improve strength, function and mobility of the body, all of which is supported by up to date, relevant and reputable researched information. 

For more info including EP consult details, pricing and much more please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to book an EP appointment with Hannah please CLICK HERE.


Individual/Small group Pilates with Paige

Pilates can be a very intricate form of movement and developing and having awareness of your body is something very important. Although group sessions are motivating, fun and provide a full body workout, every individual body is unique.  Pilates sessions provide highly focused opportunists to serve your specific needs. 

If you are interested or have any questions regarding this new service, please reach out to Paige via email


Individual Running Coaching with Brad

Brad offers Individual running coaching to RMC members along with remote runners around Australia. Individual coaching provides runners with guidance and confidence to achieve running goals specific to them whilst making it all fit in around busy life schedules. With detailed online programming 7 days a week, specific pace/intensity guides and 24/7 coach communication, Brad uses his 12 + years of competitive running experience to help you improve and enjoy your running!

For Individual Running Coaching pricing and other details please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to reach out and enquire about individual running coaching, send Brad an email -


Feedback Form

We get amazing feedback from our members and it continues to assist us meeting the needs of our members and providing the best service. We welcome your feedback through our form that you can access HERE.



CLICK HERE to view all of Run Move Connect membership terms and conditions.


Download our App!

Download the "spaces" app by Wix now to book sessions, check what's coming up, read the latest news letters and shop our online store!



All of our Run Move Connect members receive a 12.5% DISCOUNT on all shoes from The Running Edge. The Running Edge provide a free gait analysis and expert shoe advice to make sure your walking (or running) away with the right pair of shoes for you! Just mention on purchase that you are part of Run Move Connect (show them your R.M.C. key ring) and they will be sure to look after you.

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